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AV Rant #490: SVS Prime Bookshelf Speaker Review

June 16th, 2016

PrintThank you to our Listeners of the Week: Joseph, Terry, and Rick for their generous donations! Tom reviews the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers with some comments on the SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers, too. Check the bottom of the post for pictures of the SVS Prime and Ultra Bookshelf speakers.

In the news, Jonathan F. sent us Plex’ blog post explaining that the NVidia Shield TV is now a full Plex Server. Tyler F. sent us several links out of InfoComm all about projectors such as the: Optoma ultra-short throw with HDR, Panasonic 27,000 lumen 3-chip laser, Acer low noise V9800, and Digital Projection 3-chip laser. Projector Central’s laser projector list also details many more models. E3 brought us announcements of the new Xbox One S with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, Microsoft dropping Xbox One TV DVR support, Sony confirming the 4K Playstation Neo, and Playstation VR launching October 13 for $399. Vizio launched nine SoundBars with Google Cast. Nathan D. forwarded Denon & Marantz’ new AV Receiver model announcements that include more 11 speaker models and built-in HEOS. And Abby Savage is featured in an SVS Artist & Producer Systems Q&A.

Brock R. gets us to compare Denon HEOS vs. Yamaha MusicCast for whole house audio. Mowar wonders if the Emotiva BasX A-300 amplifier is worth its higher price tag over the Monoprice 2-Channel Amplifier. And Infinite Gary asks us to clarify Audioholics’ How To Set Up an AV Receiver video, and wonders how Dolby Vision on Ultra HD Blu-ray will play out.

Nick B. has altered his basement theater plans. He gets our thoughts on the new layout, as well as our suggestions to use Focal Chorus IC 706 V in-ceiling speakers, and Ray Coronado’s suggestion of this handy Riser Height Calculator. Johnny D. gets us to clarify our comments about dual subwoofer placement. And John M. gets our exhaustive list of recommended TV shows, including: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Americans, Mr. Robot, Fargo, 12 Monkeys, Person of Interest, The 100, Penny Dreadful, Bates Motel, Hannibal, Nikita, Salem, Awake, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine from Rob; and, White Collar, Hustle, Leverage, Brickleberry, The League, Archer, Farscape, Attack on Titan, and Legend of Korra from Tom.

Bob wants an amplifier for his Chromecast Audio, and we suggest the Lepai LP7498E Class D Amplifier. Sean’s theater build is progressing nicely, and we point him to Projector Central’s Projection Calculator to help him nail down the placement. And Matthew G. wants to upgrade his speakers and asks if a deal on Polk speakers is worth it. We recommend taking advantage of the free two-way shipping offered by SVS, Aperion Audio, and Ascend Acoustics to audition their speakers instead. We also tackle his questions about Audyssey and THX Listening Modes.

Ted M. asks about Audyssey’s effectiveness with dual subwoofers. Michael R. gets some further clarification about his HTPC build. Will T. has a subwoofer placement question and asks about Monoprice, Dayton Audio, and Silver Ticket speakers. And Fred T. asks for carpet suggestions for his theater, as well as soundproofing ideas for the floor, so we recommend the Serenity Mat from Sound Proofing Company.

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    Nice. I like that you now post pics. The links for discussed items and articles have been very helpful as well.

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