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AV Rant #489: Criticizing HDR

June 10th, 2016

PrintTom is away this week, so Producer Austen joins Rob H. at a very unusual recording time for us.

Our Listeners of the Week are Fred, Mike, and Jason S. for their donations, as well as: Moanis for taking advantage of Ascend Acoustics’ Summer Sale and letting them know he heard about their speakers from AV Rant; Adriano for letting SVS know his dual SB-2000 subwoofer purchase was because of our recommendation; and Michael I. for contacting GiK Acoustics to let them know he bought their acoustic panels because of AV Rant!

In the News, Integra’s DRX Series AV Receivers include MQA audio decoding, and Schiit Audio explicitly rejects MQA. Bill C. shared Consumer Reports’ “5 Songs to Help You Buy a Great Sound System”. And Nathan D. noticed Oppo’s Ultra HD Blu-ray player has an OLED display, so hopefully the rest of the player isn’t too far behind.

Brian R. solved his IR and RF remote issues with a combination of our advice and his own hard work and observations. Moanis asks about Ascend vs. Aperion, and how high acoustic panels should go on a wall. Infinite Gary wonders about HDR calibration, screen ratio optical illusions, and plasma TV lifespans. And John W. has us list some other podcasts, including: AV Forums Podcast, Dolby Institute, Emotiva Podcasts, HDTV & Home Theater, and Home Theater Geeks.

Johnny D. wants advice to choose between a Denon AVR-X4200W or a Marantz SR6010. Jonathan F. asks us to discuss quotes pulled from Light Illusion’s critique of UHDTV, HDR, HLG & WCG, as well as HDTV Test’s “HDR is Too Dim for Daytime” article. He also asks about auto-setup crossover settings. And Karl R. asks about using an Amazon Echo Dot with his Sonos system, which might involve IFTTT.

Joseph S. wants to find a professional calibrator, so we point to THX Certified Installer Finder, ISF Dealer Locator, and AVS Forum ISF Calibrator Location Thread. Infinite Gary (again) asks about artificial color expansion, using multiple picture modes, adjusting color temperature, and HDR in the cinema vs. at home. And Mike F. wants new Center and Surround speakers and a subwoofer all for $900, so we recommend: Ascend Acoustics HTM-200SE, NHT Super Series, or EMP Tek Impression Series speakers with an SVS PB-1000 subwoofer.

Ken M. asks us to compare SVS subwoofer models for his room and setup. Pieter J. has several questions about long wire and cable runs going into his renovation. And Michael R. wants a new HTPC, and we suggest having one built for him using the Tech Buyers Guru HTPC Guide.

Ted M. is still concerned about nailing down his speaker choices with concerns about dynamics, mid-bass slam, positioning, monopoles vs. di-poles, and future Atmos considerations. Jason S. has a new mysterious hum problem for us to tackle. And Michael I. wants to find the best value when it comes to room correction, as well as a way to recreate the tactile bass of a live music festival.

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