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AV Rant #483: 3 is Illuminati

April 28th, 2016

This week, we thank Heath, Rohan, and Charles for supporting the podcast with their donations! And thanks to Tony K. for letting Accessories4Less know that he bought his Onkyo TX-NR646 from them because of AV Rant!

In the news, Emotiva announced their BasX Series of low cost, Class A/B products, ELAC’s Debut B4 is a $180/pair Satellite speaker, and Universal’s Ultra HD Blu-rays will include Dolby Vision.

Karl R. shared a How to Make a Stereo System article from BoingBoing that we think is misleading, John M. adjusted some settings on his Rythmik LV12R subwoofer to get it sounding better, Wesley has done about as much as he can with his volume jumping mystery, and Jonathan F. found a Study that says 48% of Vinyl buyers don’t listen to vinyl.

Mark J. wants a new Pre-Pro, so naturally, we point him towards an AV Receiver instead. We also tackle the best way to connect tri-ampable speakers with self-powered woofers. Adriano M. is looking for acoustic absorption material in Australia, and he was sadly screwed over by an electrician who refused to install a simple coax cable! Adriano also has some questions about HULU audio settings and getting 2-channel sources to play in surround sound.

Ted M. has a ton of questions about where we think Virtual Reality is headed, and he “went out and listened” to some speaker store demos that made him question our previous recommendations. Justin B. loves his new EMP Tek Impression Series speakers, but asks about their 6 ohm rating. He also gets advice on acoustic panel placement, soundproofing, subwoofer setup using Audyssey, and our suggestions for “pretty” speaker wire, which include: SVS SoundPath Ultra, RAM Electronics, and Sewell.

Josh A. has an Oppo BDP-105, a Marantz AV8801, two displays, and HDMI handshake issues. We run through many suggestions, but the ultimate fix might just be an HD Fury. Brian R. has some upgraditis, but in the interest of value and performance, we tell him to pump the brakes. Tony K. wants to know if he should wait for the GoldenEar SuperSub X. And Bill wants $100 travel headphones that reduce noise, so we suggest Monoprice Active Noise Cancelling models, the Shure SE215 in-ears, and the Sony MDR-7506 plus a list of other candidates.

Sean is another AV Rant Listener with dual display HDMI handshake issues. We also have some ideas why one of his HDMI inputs isn’t getting audio, why his TV antenna might be dropping channels, and how to mount his outdoor speakers. James L. wants JBL Studio speakers, but his best option is just to wait. David M., John M., and Joseph P. all have questions about Reference Volume and measurement settings. And we try to save Bret R.’s company some money by suggesting a cheaper Vizio than the one he was considering.

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    Hey, it’s the episode named after my struggles!

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