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AV Rant #481: Overly Plush

April 14th, 2016

This week, we thank Jason, Michael I., and Robbert L. for their donations! We also thank Justin B. and Scott B. for letting RBH and Accessories4Less know that they bought products from them because of AV Rant Podcast recommendations!

In the news, if you register on their forums, you can view the prototype for Ascend Acoustics’ new “Sierra Sat” mini monitor. NHT HiFi has updated their speaker lineup. They have replaced their “Classic” Series with the new NHT C-Series, and the “Absolute” Series has been replaced by the new Dolby-enabled NHT “Media” Series. There is a new $50 Roku Streaming Stick with a nifty new app. And FlatPanelsHD posted a comprehensive write-up of Samsung’s confusing 2016 TV model number lineup.

Kris I. sent us a link to an article in which Sound & Vision tested various “High Speed” HDMI cables and discovered that many of them seemingly cannot transmit more than 10.2 Gbps. Jonathan F. and Jared F. both wanted our comments on Dr. Floyd Toole’s Audioholics article. And Richard B. gets our recommendation for in-wall and outdoor rated speaker wire, as well as thoughts on banana plugs, Coax Seal tape, and shipping to Canada, including CablesOnSale.ca, which resells Monoprice branded products in Canada.

Jason has a budget of $1,000/pair for new speakers. If he sticks with bookshelf models, the choices are nearly limitless, but we suggest starting with internet-direct brands that pay shipping both ways, like SVS and Aperion Audio, then considering other popular online brands like Ascend Acoustics, NHT HiFi, and EMP Tek (including their RBH MC Series). Comparing those with widely available retail brands like Klipsch, KEF, GoldenEar, PSB, Paradigm, Martin Logan, and B&W should allow him to narrow down his likes and dislikes, and hopefully find some speakers that perfectly match his preferences!

Raj gets us to confirm that we think a Vizio D or E-Series TV is the best choice for under $500. Tyler H. has in-ceiling speakers with a High Frequency EQ control and wants to know where to set it. And Infinite Gary wants to know when we think OLED prices will fall, as well as what the heck went wrong with his MacBook Pro’s headphone output jack.

Will T. want to figure out dimensions for a seating riser, whether to go with a grey or a white projection screen, and how close he can put a rear-ported speaker to the wall, as well as how high his Surround speakers can be mounted. Scott B. asks about Dolby Surround Upmixing vs. DTS Neural:X upmixing. He also gets our suggestions for in-wall power cord extensions, which all cost about the same coming from PowerBridge, Monoprice, or Sanus. And he asks if there are TV wall mounts with vertical adjustment that can handle more weight than the OmniMount Play70. DynamicMounting.com fits the bill, but the price tag is high, so simply re-mounting a patching a wall might be the best route.

Michael R. gets more clarification on Audyssey microphone placement, Reference Volume, and speaker crossovers, including that pesky LPF for LFE setting. SteveTheGeek is itching for a 4K projector. And John M. wants to go infrasonic for under $2,000, which massive subs like the SVS Ultra or Rythmik FV15HP can do, but if he wants the very deepest extension, dual sealed sub like the HSU ULS-15 Mk.2 might be the better way to go.

Greg gets a ton of links to get him started on his home theater journey:

1) THX Surround Speaker Setup
2) THX Flat Panel Setup
3) Harman White Paper on Multiple Subwoofers
4) Dolby Atmos Speaker Setup
5) Audyssey Setup Tutorial Video
6) RealTraps Small Room Acoustics Video
7) GiK Acoustics (check their “videos” tab), and
8) Sound Proofing Company (read all their Solutions, Articles, and Soundproofing 101)

And we finish with Michael I. asking about acoustic panel placement, finding first reflection points, ceiling treatments, 2-inch vs. 4-inch thick panels, and Surround speaker placement as well as how to run wires to the back of his room without being a tripping hazard.

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