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AV Rant #477: Defy YPAO

March 17th, 2016

electric_rdThis week, we thank John, Cliff, Ed, Brendan, and Tyler as our Listeners of the Week for their generous donations! Ed replaced dual subs with a lone Paradigm Prestige subwoofer, but that lone sub gets firmware updates, so there’s that.

Tom got a new Silver Ticket projection screen, and he’s testing the SVS Prime and SVS Ultra Series speakers, so look forward to reviews of all of those coming soon!

In the news, LG revealed their complete “Super UHD” 4K LCD TV lineup and pricing, all of which support both HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Brandon M. gave us a heads up about The Screening Room, which aims to offer first run movies at home for $50 with backing from Hollywood directors. And Tyler F. sent us Ford’s projector screen for autonomous cars patent.

Jeff G. heard us ranting about Shun Mook Mpingo wood products, and that sent him down the rabbit hole, including their claim that a wood disk can weigh more if you flip it over in your hand (seriously). And Wesley M. has a seemingly unfixable volume malfunction in his system, but Tom has one last troubleshooting idea, which is to try a 2-channel analogue signal.

David has $2,000 to upgrade his loft setup, and we suggest spending it all on subwoofers and speakers. Justin B. gets our recommendations for the Teac HA-P50 headphone amplifier, Outlaw Audio Model 5000, Emotiva XPA-200, and Crown XLS DriveCore amplifiers to go with his new Center, Surround, and possible Magnepan Front speakers. And Brian R. has some questions about his Logitech Harmony Smart Control (now Harmony Companion) universal remote setup.

Cliff Heyne is finishing his basement, and we offer suggestions for subwoofer, Atmos speaker, and Surround speaker placement. Darren L. asks about Reference Volume. Infinite Gary wants to know how close a ported speaker can be placed to a wall. And Chris T. asks if he should manually override YPAO, and where he should position his projector.

Joe W. gets us to spill the beans on where really old AV Rant episode downloads went. Brandon G. has a subwoofer budget and size restrictions, and wants to know if driver materials indicate quality. And Bill R. asks about >$2,000 projectors and whether we think affordable 4K HDR models will arrive in the next 2-3 years.

Brendan G. could use an inexpensive 2-channel amplifier from AudioSource or Dayton Audio to expand to 11 speakers in what Rob insists should be a grey and black theater. Sammy C. gets us to rant about CNET’s Steve Guttenberg’s claims that old Receivers sound better than new ones. And an Anonymous Listener asks about Tower vs. Bookshelf vs. Satellite speakers.

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