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AV Rant #473: Freedom

February 18th, 2016

This week, we thank Richard, Lee V., Tyler, Mark, and Nathan for their donations, and thanks to Ian for letting RBH know he bought their EMP Tek Impression Series speakers because of our recommendation. In the news, Tom is eager to get his Leeloo Dallas Multipass, Ultra HD Blu-ray discs can play on 1080p TVs according to the BDA, and our friend @SteveTheGeek is keeping us up to the minute on Ultra HD Blu-ray functionality on his Next Gen Home Theater Blog. James has redesigned his Rainy Lake Audio printed acoustic panel covers. Vince and Jason both love their AV Rant-recommended speaker, subwoofer, and AV Receiver purchases. Tony C. found the laughably marketed Astell & Kern AK380 “Copper” portable music player. And David F. wanted to give some credit to Bose…for a car suspension that never came to market.

Bill has an electrical hum throughout his house that’s getting worse, and we strongly urge anyone in a similar situation to call an electrician rather than looking for a band-aid cover-up. Steve has upgraditis and wants some more amplifiers. Toby H. shared a video about the “24-bit Audio Myth” that we liked quite a bit – especially the helpful links in its description. Ken M. got some strange auto-setup results with no subwoofer present, so we try to sort through some bass management and bi-amp settings. Jack needs to diagnose his subwoofer problem and possibly replace it. And Joseph P. is seeing Dayton Ultimax Subwoofer drivers everywhere he looks and wants to know if they’re really all that.

Jason H. is getting pops and distortion when he clicks through Xbox One and Apple TV menus. Dipan P. is considering a rather expensive 16-channel DataSat RS20i Processor with some Crown XLS Drivecore 2 amplifiers to take him beyond 11 speakers. But we try to make a case for sticking with an 11 speaker Receiver with an Outlaw Audio 7700, Monoprice Monolith 7, or an ATI brand amplifier from Classic Audio Parts for a lower noise floor and a way lower price. Ian E. has a puzzling buzz that’s either a Processor problem or just a case of not having a source plugged in. Kris I. has questions about extension cords, 11 amps built into Receivers, and input lag on front projectors. Christopher V. wants to make sure he’s setting his crossover frequencies correctly. Tom K. wants a list of forums other than AVS, so we suggest Ascend Acoustics, Audioholics, AV Forums, Home Theater Shack, Tech Talk at Parts-Express, and Big Screen Forum at Projector Central. Tom K. also wants some motorized curtains, and wonders if Automatic Curtain is a good retailer. We honestly don’t know, but we can recommend HT Market Theater Drapes. Matt V. has Polk’s unusual “SDA” (Stereo Dimensional Array) speakers and some questions about connecting them and measuring their output. Leighton wants to know if it’s ok to stop at three Audyssey measurements. Steve O. wonders if he can simply disconnect a blown woofer. And Infinite Gary wants some clarification on “Soap Opera Effect” and our thoughts on “The Great Audiophile Debate” of subjective vs. objective reviewing.

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