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AV Rant #465: Not A Fan

December 24th, 2015

This week, we thank John, Vincent, and Stephen for their donations. Likewise, a shout out to Zach for recognizing Tom’s voice. Thanks guys! You are our listeners of the week! In the news, Tom updates his Phiaton BT 100 NC review, Denon and Marantz have announced dates for when their first waves of DTS:X firmware updates will be available (LINK and LINK), and some movie made a bunch of money (LINK). Infinite Gary shares a video from T.H.E. Show (LINK) and Toby found a video where someone demoed speakers (LINK). Steve has a new receiver and a DVDO Edge Green video processor and some questions about connections, Joseph wants to know which MiniDSP to buy, and John is looking at a NAD and wants to add room correction (MiniDSP is the answer). Michael needs a UPS for his projector but it has to be small (LINK, LINK, and LINK), Jeff is having HDMI and Denon problems (LINK), and Mark has a QHD display that isn’t playing nice with his receiver. Vince wants to know what we think of center channels, John wants to add front wide speakers to his set up, and Ian is considering upgrading to EMP Tek speakers and wants to wire them in parallel. Scot wants a new receiver and needs our help, Michael is considering a second sub and would like suggestions, and Teemu needs help placing his surround backs. Ryan wants to know where to boost his bass, Monty clarifies his question on projector placement (LINK), and Brent is going to do the Subwoofer Crawl and has a question. Shawn is building a home theater and wants help, Mark wants to place his subs and the front of the room and has a question about phase, and Infinite Gary wants to know what we want for Christmas. Merry Christmas to all you AV Ranters! Thanks for listening. Check out our Facebook Page. Click here for our YouTube channel where you can see the recordings of our show videos. Download Tom’s FREE superhero-themed ebook Bob Moore: No Hero wherever ebooks are sold (or given away in this case). Visit Tom's website for download links as well as links for the two full-length followups -  Bob Moore: Desperate Times and Bob Moore: Hostile Territory. Check out AVGadgets.com where Tom is the new Editor-in-Chief! Download Tom's NEWEST book, Touch of Pain from Amazon now!

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