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AV Rant #443: Apologies and Advice

July 31st, 2015

We thank Shannon as our listener of the week. Thanks! Everyone welcome Austen as the official AV Rant Producer! Welcome aboard Austen – now get to work! Jim and Josh felt like we were unfair to them and we address the issue. In the news – UK’s BT TV will be offering the first broadcast 4K UHD TV channel (LINK and LINK), AT&T buys DirecTV (LINK), and Vizio goes public (LINK). Barney has some questions about the “Surfer Girl” SACD, OLED HDR monitors (LINK), the Sony FMP-X10 4K movie server (LINK), and Carl Tatz’s comments on making small rooms sound like million-dollar studios (LINK). Jonathan found an article for us about the Grateful Dead’s wall of sound (LINK), experience with the Sony MDRZX110NC headphones (LINK), found a new use for records (LINK), and is going to see/hear a performance of “I am Sitting in a Room” (LINK, LINK, LINK, and LINK). John is loving his new Denon AVR-X4000 and wants to know what were the last 3 movies we watched in our theaters, Vince used to service TV’s and has a warning about surge protectors, and Stephen wants to know if a Yamaha CX-A5000 processor would be a vast improvement over his Yamaha RX-A2040. Ryan has a question about NOT using surround speakers, Kyle has questions about the future of receivers and how to get rid of his old one (LINK and LINK), and Greg has a couple of new products for us to check out (LINK and LINK). Art wants to know more about HDbaseT, Andy is having a problem with audio delay over HDMI, and Joseph needs help positioning his subwoofers. Bob has a question about multiple subs and phase, Dev has a Dayton Sub-1200 and has a couple of questions about positioning, and Michael has a nook for his center and wants to know how he can make sure the nook isn’t messing up his sound. Thanks for listening. Check out our Facebook Page. Click here for our YouTube channel where you can see the recordings of our show videos. Download Tom’s FREE superhero-themed ebook Bob Moore: No Hero wherever ebooks are sold (or given away in this case). Visit Tom's website for download links as well as links for the two full-length followups -  Bob Moore: Desperate Times and Bob Moore: Hostile Territory. Check out AVGadgets.com where Tom is the new Editor-in-Chief! Download Tom's NEWEST book, Touch of Pain from Amazon now!

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