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AV Rant #414: Getting Height

December 28th, 2014

Tom apologizes for dropping the ball on posting this podcast. Blame it on Christmas craziness. This week, Rob has a special listener of the week. You’ll have to listen in to find out who it is. For HTPC types, listener Andrew recommends the website My Media Experience (LINK) for info and Craigslist for deals. Ilango wants to know where to place height speakers, what to do if those height speakers are rear ported, and which speakers we’d add first past the base five. Jay is interested in a projector but he plays a lot of video games (LINK), Hemant has an problem with controlling multiple identical devices with his Harmony remote, and David wants our opinion on the Kef T100 speakers (LINK). Leighton has a height speaker placement question, an Audyssey question, and wants to know if the Marantz UD5007 Blu-ray player is a good deal at $299 (LINK). Infinite Gary has concerns that his theater is over-damped, Barney has a center-channel speaker question, and Gaylen wants to know if there is a way to get both HDMI and analog video at the same time. Jonathan sent us a link to a massive article about The Beatles’ Mystery Chord from A Hard Day’s night (LINK). Thanks for listening. Check out our Facebook Page. Click here for our YouTube channel where you can see the recordings of our show videos. Download Tom’s FREE superhero-themed ebook Bob Moore: No Hero wherever ebooks are sold (or given away in this case). Visit Tom's website for download links as well as links for the two full-length followups -  Bob Moore: Desperate Times and Bob Moore: Hostile Territory. Check out AVGadgets.com where Tom is the new Editor-in-Chief! Download Tom's NEWEST book, Touch of Pain from Amazon now!

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