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AV Rant #391: Bumping Gary

Special thanks to Juan and Jared for supporting the podcast this week. You help keeps us going. Andy has some comments on soundstage depth, Jefferson likes the amp we suggested, and Efrain has some 7.1 music suggestions for Paul. Cesar has a wireless subwoofer solution from SnapAV that seems to work really well for him. Check it out if you are on the market (LINK). Damon has a question about dehumidifiers, John needs 5.1 speakers and a receiver for $1000 or less, and Steve needs help connecting his two subs when one needs to be connected wirelessly. Cameron needs a portable DAC, John has in-ceiling speakers and subwoofer questions, and Dan wants to know where to place his acoustic panels. Jason wonders about that “maximum power” rating for speakers, Matthew wants to hook up FOUR subs and needs help placing them, and Infinite Gary…well, he gets bumped to next week. Sorry dude! Maybe we’ll fit you in next time! Thanks for listening. Check out our Facebook Page. Click here for our YouTube channel where you can see the recordings of our show videos. Download Tom’s FREE superhero-themed ebook Bob Moore: No Hero wherever ebooks are sold (or given away in this case). Visit Tom's website for download links as well as links for the two full-length followups -  Bob Moore: Desperate Times and Bob Moore: Hostile Territory. Friend Tom on Google+ to join in on one of our hangouts. You can listen to our producer Austen and his friends dissect movies at his podcast We Watch Movies.

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  1. Rob H
    July 16th, 2014 at 12:05 | #1

    AV Rant Listener Efrain —

    Let us know there’s at least one website where you can buy 7.1 and even 9.1 Auro-3D audio-only content:


    Efrain also linked to a tutorial on how to separate just the audio from any Blu-rays you might already own. Please keep in mind that breaking any copy protection might be illegal in your country:


  2. Rob H
    July 16th, 2014 at 12:09 | #2

    AV Rant Listener Cesar —

    tried out the RocketFish Wireless Subwoofer Kit from BestBuy and was not satisfied with its inconsistent performance.

    He found the Episode Wireless Subwoofer Kit from SnapAV, and he is much happier with its performance:


  3. Rob H
    July 16th, 2014 at 12:13 | #3

    AV Rant Listener Damon —

    wanted to know if there’s such a thing as a silent dehumidifier for home theater enthusiasts who need to keep the humidity in their theater under control.

    If anyone knows of such a thing, please let us know, because we certainly aren’t aware of any stand-alone or installed units that we’d be ok with running while a movie or music is playing in the same room!

    The only suggestion we had was to do an air exchange with an adjacent room. This can work really well, and it can be very close to silent by employing a “dead vent” system to move the air in and out of your theater:


  4. Rob H
    July 16th, 2014 at 12:21 | #4

    AV Rant Listener John M. —

    wants to put together a 5.1 surround sound system for $1000.

    Tom suggested the EMP Tek Cinema 5 Compact Home Theater System:


    Rob likes the Pioneer Andrew Jones Gen. 2 speakers:


    with an HSU STF-2 subwoofer:


    We both agree that the best bet for an AV Receiver will come from accessories4less.com though, with the Denon AVR-X1000 being a likely top choice:


  5. Rob H
    July 16th, 2014 at 12:44 | #5

    AV Rant Listener Cameron K. —

    wants to buy a portable headphone DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) and amplifier.

    He’s leaning towards the AudioQuest Dragonfly. And for its approx. $150 selling price, we honestly don’t have much to suggest that would perform any better for less money:


    Tom likes the Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS, which sells for about $190. It offers separate volume control on the DacMagic itself:


    Rob likes the idea of having a portable DAC/amp that also works easily with a smartphone or tablet.

    The FiiO E18 isn’t just USB OTG (On the Go) compatible for easy use with several Android phones, it’s also the only unit on our list here with its own battery! That could be a huge bonus if you really want to make this a portable usage case. It can even charge your phone as a backup battery:


    And for iPhone and iPad users, you can get Apple’s Camera Connection Kit to turn the Lightning port into a USB connection:


    Getting iDevices to work with external DACs can be a little bit hit or miss, though. One portable DAC that works for sure is the…

    HRT MicroStreamer, which sells for about $200:


  6. Rob H
    July 16th, 2014 at 13:03 | #6

    Some folks, like AV Rant Listener John S. —

    have huge, open concept rooms that require massive output from subwoofers if you really want to hear and feel the full impact of deep bass the way you would in a much smaller room.

    Audioholics developed their Subwoofer Room Size Rating to let readers know which subwoofers could handle the 5000+ cubic feet that some listeners need to pressurize: http://www.audioholics.com/loudspeaker-design/subwoofer-room-size

    So here are a handful of subwoofers that can hit that “Extreme Room” size rating while selling for a semi-reasonable price:

    – The HSU VTF-15H sells for about $1000 after you factor in shipping. That still makes it about the least expensive option for hitting these sorts of output levels, though:


    – The Rythmik FV15HP is a “giant killer”. Insane output and quality. Shipping puts it close to $1500:


    And, of course, there’s SVS.

    – The SVS PC13-Ultra gives you the smallest footprint with its tall cylinder form factor. You can also lay it on its side to fit it below a screen at the front of a room or behind a couch at the back. Shipping’s included, but it’s still $1700:


    – The SVS PB13-Ultra is very well known as one of the first subs to ever get that Audioholics Extreme Room rating. $2000 makes it the most expensive on this list:


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