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AV Rant #212: Schno

January 1st, 2011

There was a server hiccup which didn’t allow Tom access to the site for posting the podcast. But you already knew that because you follow him on twitter, right? Tom found an iProduct that he actually wants, Liz found that it had been recalled. Google cancels the Revue, or did they? Hackers might be watching you through your HDTV. Are movie theaters dead? What will theaters look like in the future? Tom and Liz offer their predictions. The Sub Shootout is on the way, a few thoughts about the methodology. Hope you all had a great New Year. Tom got there 13 to 16 hours early. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to vote for us at Podcast Alley! To see our (mostly) complete collection of show videos, click here. To get our iPhone app, visit the iTunes store.


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