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AV Rant #195: Land a Ho-tech

August 26th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

We’re back with video though it isn’t the most flattering shot of Tom. Tom reviews the OtterBox Defender case for the iPad. You can even see it on the video (though it’s a bit hard to make out). Levitan has more to say about Hulu, Star Wars Uncut is released, and, apparently, video games are addictive. Who knew? Denon’s new AVR-4311CI receiver has Tom impressed. There’s a new universal remote on the market and for once, Tom doesn’t care how well it works – he just wants it. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to vote for us at Podcast Alley! To see our (mostly) complete collection of show videos, click here. To get our iPhone app, visit the iTunes store.


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  1. Rob
    August 27th, 2010 at 00:21 | #1

    Hey! Fun to have the video back and not a moment too soon! Definitely needed to watch this one with all of the Otter Box descriptions. There’s nothing quite like trying to describe shapes and textures and little ports and flaps in words, is there? :p

    So what model and year Mazda did you get, Tom? I kinda have cars on the brain right now because I just ordered a new 2011 Ford Edge Limited! Woohoo! 😀

    I’m a bit nutty because the 2011 Edge hasn’t even been manufactured yet and I’m going to have to wait 1 or 2 months for my factory order to even arrive! But I just had to jump on the current incentives. I don’t mind haggling, but the deals that Ford Canada had going until Aug. 30 were pretty darn good and being able to apply them to a brand new model (and not just the close-out models) was too good an opportunity to pass up!

    So goodbye, extra cash for the next couple of years :p But I’m pretty stoked. My 2004 Toyota Matrix has served me well, but I’ve been aching for an upgrade.

    The thing that most excites me about the Edge? It’s quiet! Yup, all the extra power and room; all the cool tech with Sync and voice commands and the new MyFord Touch 8-inch touch-panel control; the leather interior and power/memory settings for everything; the built-in subwoofer and 11-speaker sound system. All of that stuff and the thing that I’m looking forward to the most is how quiet the new interior is :p

    You know me and sound-proofing. Ha!

  2. Jason
    August 27th, 2010 at 06:48 | #2

    Interesting, South Africans also refer to the British or people of British decent as pommies.

    It’s not really a nice term, although not really offensive it’s usually meant negatively.

  3. lesser evil
    August 31st, 2010 at 17:35 | #3

    As an American ex-pat; you are likely to be know as a “yank” (or “bloody yank” in the pejorative). As you probably know already, an American car is a “yank tank”. If you want to insult a brit, call him (not her) a “burke”.
    Of course Aussie’s are favorably known as either a “bloke” or a “sheila”.
    You could watch “The Adventures of Barry McKenzie” to get the entire dialect.

  4. Jason
    August 31st, 2010 at 22:02 | #4

    Aussies are also fond of affixing the letter “o” to the end of anything they have an affinity for, thus the Bottle Store becomes the Bottle-O.

    So if you make any friends out there, look foward to being referred to as Tom-O.

  5. September 1st, 2010 at 06:48 | #5

    Dina, you can’t leave the show, sorry. Could you imagine a better foil for Tom other than you? I can’t!

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