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Another Volume Control Option

December 31st, 2009

Getting irritated by changing volumes across different sources (CD to DVD to XBox to PS3… etc.)? Gefen just announced their GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer. This device has analogue and digital (TOSlink, S/PDIF) inputs and outputs with a selector control for which audio is stabilized (read – compressed). It is Dolby compatible (yea?) which pretty much excludes DTS and any of the high def audio formats (no HDMI). It equalizes the volume from the source plus between the different sources connected to the device. It is meant to go between a source (or sources) and either the speakers, receiver, or display (depending on your situation). Knowing Gefen it is probably expensive and it doesn’t sound like something most of us would be interested in. Look for this device coming to a custom installation near you. Full press release below.

The GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer with Dolby comes in handy and has a big impact on the way we listen to our home television programs. Most of us can recall being blasted by different volume levels as we channel surf, listen to CDs, or watch television programs with commercials airing periodically. Some of the audio is conspicuously louder, but those days are over.

GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer

Enables a smooth transition and a consistent level of volume when listening to different CDs, television programs, movies, and commercials. It automatically equalizes audio from different sources to ensure a steady volume. Everything is heard at the same intensity, making for a more enjoyable listening experience. When watching movies, it supports Dolby encoded formats for a high quality performance. The device comes with analog (L/R) and digital (TOSlink, S/PDIF) inputs and outputs, and has a selector that determines which audio is stabilized. Users connect the Stabilizer to their source and output it to speakers, a receiver or a flat panel display. The Stabilizer automatically levels the volume so users can enjoy consistent sound on their home entertainment systems.

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