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And I’m off…

September 11th, 2007

Turkey here I come. After the madness of CEDIA with its filming and Podcasting and reporting and posting and voiceovering (is that a word?), I’m done and off to Turkey. For those of you that haven’t heard the Podcast, my wife is half Turkish and we are going to visit her family. Well, technically, we’re going to go hang out on the beach but her family will be nearby. This will actually be the first time the kids have ever seen any of the Turks and only the second time for me. My wife and I, before we were married, traveled together and we spent a few days in Turkey so I’ve seen many of the important faces.

But really, this post isn’t about me, it’s about you. Dina and J have been kind enough to submit to my grueling “We need to do another Podcast RIGHT NOW!” schedule and helped me make sure that you weren’t going to be left with no new content for the next few weeks while I worked on my tan. The next two episodes will star J in two new Ask AVRants which will touch on speaker efficiency, ohms, HDMI, and video processing. After that, Dina will return for a couple of episodes centered around movies, subwoofers, transports, and what is the best “money is no object” system. By then, barring catastrophic incident, I will be back, the Audioholics party will be looming on the horizon, and the CEDIA video will be published giving plenty of fodder for new Podcasts. Oh, and I am supposed to spend a little time with one of my wife’s relatives who is a self proclaimed Audiohphile. That should be interesting.

Keep emailing Dina and I and calling the Off Line Rant Line (978.633.7268) with your comments and questions. I won’t have much internet access (it really wouldn’t be much of a vacation if I did) but I will be looking through everything once I get back. If my 2 days off line at CEDIA is any indication, I’ll be looking at about 850 emails of which 795 will be spam. Joy.

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