About AVRant

March 1st, 2011

AVRant started when the Home Theater Alliance inquired about a new podcast on the topic of Consumer Audio and Video. While there is at least one decent AV-based podcast out there, it is primarily enthusiast-driven and not representative of industry reviewers who are privy to advanced news and product info.

Plus we added a girl to spice it up a bit and bring a sense of balance to the program. Yeah, that’s right – we added the feminine touch – deal with it.

We quickly approached Tom Andry, Associate Editor of Audioholics, as well as Liz Vinci and began a dialogue about what it would take to produce, edit and publish a successful Podcast. The tone was determined to be down to earth, as opposed to the more stale newscast emulation heard in so many other topical broadcasts and there were no restrictions placed on content. Production quality would be ramped up and Clint DeBoer, Editor-in-Chief of Audioholics would step in as a technical consultant. Some attributes of AVRant’s broadcast will include:

  • A more “irreverent” and down-to-earth style of podcast
  • Integration of industry news and product reviews into the broadcast
  • A focus on making sure consumers are aware of emerging standards and how they might affect future products and purchases
  • A woman’s perspective to balance the show and to keep the show out of the “propeller head zone”
  • Interaction with listeners via voice mail and a call-in number
  • Guest appearances from music artists and industry professionals from around the world
  • Close ties to HTA partner sites for guest spots and interviews with reviewers and technical writers

So here we are, beginning a journey that will hopefully culminate in an informational as well as entertaining podcast that will hopefully appeal to you – the listener. Drop us a line* if you have any comments – we’d love to hear from you.

* We take your private info seriously and will not sell or divulge your email or other submitted info to any third party without your consent.

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