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A million dollar idea – or at least a $100 idea…

April 18th, 2007

I was recently reviewing a Home-Theater-In-a-BOX system, when the stroke of genius hit me – HOME THEATER IN A CAN!!! I can’t believe nobody has thought of this yet. I quickly googled the phrase, and realizing it has not yet hit the pop culture vernacular, I immediately patented it, because what I am about to tell you will revolutionize the world as we know it.

The HTIB system I was reviewing carries a retail price of $100. Yes, you read that right. Use your Dr. Evil voice here: One HUNDRED Dollars. It has a receiver with AM/FM and a progressive scan DVD player. Also included are 5 tiny cube speakers, and a small sub. The speaker wire is pre-terminated with a little widget connector, and they are short runs. So I am thinking to myself, other than a small office cubicle, where could you actually use this thing?? (You see where I am going with this….)

Then it hit me, while I was “sitting” and pondering this situation. I just happened to be browsing the Sunday paper and saw the Target ad circular. They were selling these small LCD screens that you hang on the back of the front seats of your minivan for the kids to watch movies on. I looked up at the door in front of me – I mean, I thought about this and at that moment, HOME THEATER IN A CAN was born.

In many houses today, the master bathroom suite has a small throne room. You know, a little rectangular room with a door that is just large enough for a potty – but small enough that the short speaker cables that came with this little HTIB would cover it! And the speakers would easily mount to the walls! And a little 7″ LCD screen could easily hang on the back of the door! And the sub fits perfectly just under the throne!!!

So there you have it – HOME THEATER IN A CAN!!! This is going to make a huge stink in the home theater world, I just know it!!

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  1. April 18th, 2007 at 16:26 | #1

    Home Theater-in-a-Can is the future. I can’t believe no one thought of this… or that we missed an actual review of it the beginning of this month. DANG I hate when the good one’s slip away like that.

    When this gets out the $hit will hit the fan as manufacturers scramble to flush the market full of products. Yes, it will be hard to keep a lid on this idea, though initial companies getting in will likely take a bath in order to secure market share. Many will predict that the concept tanks, but I think that it would garner a lot of industry support before going down the drain.

    Thanks for getting us the poop!

  2. April 18th, 2007 at 16:30 | #2

    I’m going to need a heated, padded seat if I’m going to spend any more time in there. Make sure you include a universal remote just in case I want to add an SACD player or something. Nothing like a little Beethoven’s 5th to get the blood flowing… add some coffee, a cigarette, and a bran muffin and you might as well put a cot in there!

  3. April 18th, 2007 at 20:07 | #3

    Well, those padded seats carry germs… I’m thinking we need something that screams “Bling!”

    I’m thinking gold seats with silver spinners and bright pink super-luscious fuzzy tank slips…

    Oh, and some neon cables that double as night lights – practical AND fancy.

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