AV Rant #391: Bumping Gary

July 15th, 2014 6 comments

Special thanks to Juan and Jared for supporting the podcast this week. You help keeps us going. Andy has some comments on soundstage depth, Jefferson likes the amp we suggested, and Efrain has some 7.1 music suggestions for Paul. Cesar has a wireless subwoofer solution from SnapAV that seems to work really well for him. Check it out if you are on the market (LINK). Damon has a question about dehumidifiers, John needs 5.1 speakers and a receiver for $1000 or less, and Steve needs help connecting his two subs when one needs to be connected wirelessly. Cameron needs a portable DAC, John has in-ceiling speakers and subwoofer questions, and Dan wants to know where to place his acoustic panels. Jason wonders about that “maximum power” rating for speakers, Matthew wants to hook up FOUR subs and needs help placing them, and Infinite Gary…well, he gets bumped to next week. Sorry dude! Maybe we’ll fit you in next time!

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AV Rant #390: Phase, Depth, and Cones

July 11th, 2014 10 comments

EDIT – The original file got out of sync around the 1:25 mark. If your podcast file is like that, redownload it. A newer version is available that fixes that issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Special thanks to Frank, Shannon, Cesar, and Stephan for supporting the podcast this week. Without your generosity, we couldn’t keep this podcast going. This week, Alex wants to know more about tri-chomacy, Steve from Audioholics links us up to an in-depth article about impedance¬†¬†and electrical angle (LINK), and Michael found a new reason why a receiver might be shutting down. Shane wonders why we don’t like JBL speakers, Gary disagrees with us about the importance of a center channel, and a nameless Facebook user wants to know about Seiki’s U-Vision upconverting HDMI cable. Jefferson needs recommendations on speakers to match his older Atlantic Technology 450s plus he needs brackets for ceiling mounts, Michael wants to know how to set up his new condo for the best home theater experience plus he has an Audyssey question, Adrian wants our opinions on some Infinity Primus speakers, and Ray sent us a link to an incredible deal on a 4k 50″ display (LINK).

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AV Rant #389: Listener Updates

July 1st, 2014 6 comments

Special thanks to Abel for supporting the podcast. This week we get updates from listeners on how well our advice worked. Shannon bought some subs, Charles’ music no longer cuts out, Rohan’s system has never sounded better, Jared has some new speakers and subs, and Jason has a lot to consider given our discussion last week. Paul’s AV Rant sponsored race car is running hot but very fast. Some updates on the UMIK-1, HDMI passive splitters in action, and working with Onkyo customer support. Jason needs surround speaker suggestions, Abel gets an update on phase angle, and Lars wants to know about THX’s “baffle wall.” Honestly, it’s a bit baffling to us too. What do we think about the M&K Sound 300 series speakers? Listen in to find out. Shane has a suggestion for Tom, a report about SVS subs, and a question about his center channel. Gaylen has a defective Onkyo but customer service has given him a few interesting options. Dan wants to know how to connect two subs to his Emotiva XSP-1 processor. Gary is interested in Sharp’s yellow pixel and wants to know what we think about Atmos versus Auro-3D. Aereo is in the news and dead in the water – even though they keep sending emails suggesting differently. Pioneer sells to Onkyo and private equity firm.

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AV Rant #388: Sub Porking

June 24th, 2014 6 comments

This week we start our new recording time/day of 9pm EST on Mondays. Check us out on G+ for the live recording session and stick around for the Hangout after. Dolby Atmos is coming to the home from pretty much everyone. Twice has a lot of news on it here. Lee gets a new receiver, Jonathan gets new headphones, and Geoff buys a lot of stuff on our recommendations. We expect full reports guys. Jackson has a word on Monoprice HDMI splitters, Dave points us to the AV Forums podcast, and Robert appreciated our honesty. Jefferson is looking for a two-channel amp, Jared wants to try out some DIY room treatments, and John and Lars have questions about surround sound speaker placement. Jared also wants some suggestions on how to make his system sound better. Our Dane listener wants to know why we think on-wall speakers are a compromise, Michael has some subwoofer placement questions, and Gary doesn’t like glossy TVs. Lastly Abel has a question about the impedance rating on a speaker and matching it with a receiver.

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AV Rant #387: Bookshelves are the New Towers

June 19th, 2014 5 comments

Special thanks to Lee and Jefferson for supporting the podcast. Next week, we are changing our recording day to Mondays as 9 EST. This week, a bit more about Direct and Pure Direct modes on your receiver, some suggestions for on-wall speakers from our listeners, and feedback on Sonus Faber speakers. Peter wants to know about HDMI splitters, Jason wants our feedback on his planned home theater purchases, and Jonathan needs some new headphones. Cesar is looking for a wireless solution for his sub, Kyle is looking to get the right amount and size of subs, and Jonathan is looking into the Sonos system. Steve is having HDMI issues, Bill wants our opinions on some bookshelves speakers, and what is the difference between a “true ribbon” and “folded ribbon” tweeter.

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