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AV Rant #395: What do you REALLY Need?

August 12th, 2014 7 comments

Special thanks to Eliezer, Michael R., and Sim for supporting the podcast! You guys rule! Dolby released a few white papers on Atmos that you might be interested in. Check them out HERE. Gabe let us know about a high-rez file test going on over at AVS. Click HERE to get in on the action. Listener Andy reviewed the JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors and loved them (LINK). At $150 a pair, they may just be the no-brainer recommendation for an office. Jared weighs in on Harmony’s new Smart Hub (LINK), Moanis is using his voice to help out the podcast, and Jason and Geoff have some recommendations for those looking for SVS products in Australia (LINK). Infinite Gary has a question about over-damping your room, Anand has questions about amps, Audyssey, and upgrading his sub, and Jon wants to know about IIR filters versus FIR filters. Leighton has a small room and needs some setup recommendations, Drew needs outdoor speaker recommendations, Steven is looking for a new receiver, and Eliezer tries to get us riled up with a blog post (LINK). Renny has a Chromecast question, Mark is curious about Marantz’s pre-outs, Lior wants to know why his Onkyo gets so hot sometimes, and Michael needs some banana plugs.

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AV Rant #394: Bass Case Scenario

August 5th, 2014 8 comments

Special thanks to Matthew, Luke, Stephen, E. Don, and Anand for their support of the podcast. Your contributions keep us going and we thank you! Tom and Rob both saw Gardians of the Galaxy and report. Tom even paid extra to experience Dobly Atmos though it forced him to experience 3D yet again. We have updates from Paul on our race car, Nathan reports on the f.lux software (LINK), and Miles is worried that his experience at a high-end audio show (LINK) has revealed his “tin” ear. John and Richard comment on Tom’s Harmony Ultimate Remote review from last week (LINK). Jonathan has an upgrade question, Nathan wonders about on-wall and in-wall speakers, and Scott is concerned that cars might be getting too quiet. Toby is loving his Denon X2000 we recommended (yeah! and LINK) but has a few questions about which sub to get, Audyssey MultEQ XT, and what to do with those unused amplifier channels. Cameron is looking for a DAC and we come up with two different suggestions (LINK to Rob’s). Jason is still confused about amplifier power, Travis wants a few more suggestions on sub/speaker setup, and Richard is having some issues with phase. Ashley has a followup soundcard issue, Paul ponders North American and European receiver manufacturers, and Steven is having some serious setup issues with his older Pioneer receiver. Another Stephan (from Australia) is looking for new speakers and asks if we think he should buy the SVS Ultra series speakers ear unheard (LINK).

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AV Rant #393: Harmony Ultimate Remote Review

July 30th, 2014 12 comments

This week, we thank Leighton and Cameron for supporting the podcast. Thinking of buying a Harmony Ultimate Remote? Tom and Rob give you the lowdown. We get updates from listeners Toby, Michael, and Al. Jason found a Blu-ray 7.1 music only collection. It’s a bit pricy and all classical music but it exists (LINK). David wants our opinion on John Watkinson’s article, “We Need to Talk About Speakers: Sorry, “Audiophiles”, Only IT (Information Technology) Will Break the Sound Barrier.” (LINK) Eliezer wants to know about absolute phase and he’s got a list of DACs that he’s personally tried. Travis wants to know if Pioneer’s MCACC is worth it, Ashley needs some help connecting his speakers to his soundcard, and Mike wants to take the same speakers but add a second subwoofer. Jason wants to know how to calculate amplifier power used at specific volumes, Raul has some questions about viewing distance, and Jonathan gets bumped to next week.

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AV Rant #392: Favorites

July 23rd, 2014 12 comments

Special thanks to Leighton for supporting the podcast. Will found a novel way try out a potential projector (LINK). Michael heard a strange sound from his SVS sub and wants to know what it was. Nick has some more questions and comments about humidity, Jeff and Rohan back up Rob, and Efrain and Jason have a few more things to say about surround music. Jason has a success story about B-stock. Carlos wants to know some favorite speaker brands and Jared wants us to list our favorite movies for showing off our systems. Gary has a question about HDCP 2.2, Ashley wants to know what we think of the F.LUX software (LINK), and Al wants our thoughts on isobaric subs. Toby needs a new receiver, Jason found an incredible deal on a motorized screen, and Raul is looking for a $500 projector. Cesar wants our thoughts on the new Emotiva XMC-1 (LINK) while Nick wants to know how to get hi-rez music into his home theater and which flat speaker wire to buy.

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AV Rant #391: Bumping Gary

July 15th, 2014 6 comments

Special thanks to Juan and Jared for supporting the podcast this week. You help keeps us going. Andy has some comments on soundstage depth, Jefferson likes the amp we suggested, and Efrain has some 7.1 music suggestions for Paul. Cesar has a wireless subwoofer solution from SnapAV that seems to work really well for him. Check it out if you are on the market (LINK). Damon has a question about dehumidifiers, John needs 5.1 speakers and a receiver for $1000 or less, and Steve needs help connecting his two subs when one needs to be connected wirelessly. Cameron needs a portable DAC, John has in-ceiling speakers and subwoofer questions, and Dan wants to know where to place his acoustic panels. Jason wonders about that “maximum power” rating for speakers, Matthew wants to hook up FOUR subs and needs help placing them, and Infinite Gary…well, he gets bumped to next week. Sorry dude! Maybe we’ll fit you in next time!

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