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AV Rant #399: Drugs, Subs, and Screens

September 10th, 2014 14 comments

Tom is back and he’s determined to keep the podcast under two hours…and he DOES! Thanks to E. Don and Robert for being our listeners of the week by supporting our podcast. Your donations keep us going. We have a few announcements about upcoming interviews so get your questions in now. Eliezer enjoyed Lee, Jonathan remembers DAK, and Cameron is tests out slap echoes (time to look into room treatments). Gaylen updates us on his Onkyo replacement saga, Jared has some information on B&W headphones (reviews HERE and HERE), and Tom gets the skinny on setting 0dB before running Audyssey. Has Michael found the most decoupled speaker (LINK)? Alan found our talk of subs last week interesting and wants to take a look at the pdf’s that Rob mentioned last week (links below). Jared wants some advice on dipole speakers and Audyssey, Mark is looking for advice for his Dad with surround sound speakers and subs, and Barney wants to know how Trinnov and Dolby Atmos will work together. Jay switched his sub cable and now has a thump, Jonathan wants to tailgate with good sound, and Gary wants to know what screen we’d pick. Michael is looking for help on how to read subwoofer specs, Bruno wants to know how to plan his home theater, Alan wants to know if mixing speakers with different sensitivities could cause damage, and Bill is building a home theater and wants to know if he should move a wall.

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AV Rant #398: Lightning in a Lee

September 3rd, 2014 5 comments

Jeff G. is our Listener of the Week. Thanks, Jeff, for supporting the podcast. The Dolby Atmos Speaker Positions photo album was a hit (LINK). skriss corrected us about why Audyssey Dynamic EQ can sometimes create bloated bass. John thinks gaming PCs top consoles. Lee just built a new PC. And here’s a guide (LINK). Gary thinks some home theater seats are dumb, he’s interested in Datasat as an alternative to Trinnov (LINK), and he wrote to Dolby regarding Pro Logic now that Dolby Surround is here. Ashley asks about 3D TV calibration and speaker wire lengths. Nathan and Eliezer both saw a ridiculous “cable calibration” ad (LINK). Zach wanted to learn more about Burmester products. The review he found made Rob lose it (LINK). Atul asked about Bose vs. JBL and got the quickest answer ever. Joe and Allen both had subwoofer placement questions. Rob wrote directly to the experts at SVS, and the news is good! Lee fills us in on his current bass woes. Michael asked about speaker stands. Cameron asked about slap echo (LINK). Raul loves his new projector, but he isn’t so pleased with having to use “high altitude mode”. And Frank has possibly our most unique question yet: he’s building a gigantic model train and wants to shake the earth with sound!

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AV Rant #397: 0dB and Audyssey

August 26th, 2014 13 comments

Special thanks to Joe S. for being our listener of the week! Your support keeps this podcast going. Rob was a traitor…I mean Rob was a guest on the Entertainmen 2.0 podcast this week! Check it out (LINK). Our race car is fixed and Paul got 1st place. Check out our Facebook page for the pics. Toby is loving his Denon X4000 and its Audio Return Channel, Efrain tried running Audyssey at 0dB and got results that has Tom banging his head against the wall, and Mark loves his Marantz Slimline NR1604 but thinks Dynamic EQ sounds terrible. What’s the deal? John found an article claiming that the iPhone 5 is a pretty great sounding portable player – as long as you follow a few rules (LINK). Leighton followed our advice and has had his mind blown. Sorry for any mess :) . Again, you’ll have to check out the Facebook page for the pics. Michael has questions about Audyssey and whether to buy new bi-pole or bookshelf surround speakers, Sonos has Jonathan confused, and Herb has a correction for Rob. Mike has a problem with his karaoke setup, Gary has some questions about Dolby Atmos and DTS UHD, John wants to know which next-gen gaming system would we buy now, and Paul has a headphone question.

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AV Rant #396: Pump Up the Sub

August 19th, 2014 7 comments

Short one for us this week – less than 2 hours! This week, Paul and Rob mostly finish their BUD conversion and Rob announces his opinion on whether it was worth it. Drew and Raul weigh in on the AIX high-rez audio challenge we discussed last week. Michael has a possible correction for us about why Lior’s Onkyo was getting hot – something that we confirmed AFTER the podcast in the hangout. Turns out that while the amps are almost always the culprit with excess heat in AV receivers, in this case it was inadequate heatsinking on a video processor. We learn something every day. Andy weighs in on banana plugs (he likes these – LINK) and Tom finds a one in/two out HDMI splitter that will work with any two displays (LINK). Michael needs subwoofer buying advice plus he’s having a problem with his speaker settings, Gary has a follow up question about an overdamped room, and Leighton is going to reposition his subs and wants to makes sure he gets the settings right for the best bass. Happy to help! Matthew’s questions about his electrostatic speakers were lost and for that, Tom apologizes. We talk about adding more Martin Logan speakers to his all music setup. Monty has a NAS question for Rob, Jason is looking for wireless headphones (Rob’s suggestions – LINK), Nathan wants to know if he can manually make adjustments to his sub to recreate Audyssey Dynamic EQ, and Gaylen has another receiver replacement option and wants our opinions. Bob upgraded his surround speakers and is now thinking of adding more. Which would we suggest? Oh, and Tom wrote a little article about Atmos (LINK) and Rob had some things to add (LINK).

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AV Rant #395: What do you REALLY Need?

August 12th, 2014 7 comments

Special thanks to Eliezer, Michael R., and Sim for supporting the podcast! You guys rule! Dolby released a few white papers on Atmos that you might be interested in. Check them out HERE. Gabe let us know about a high-rez file test going on over at AVS. Click HERE to get in on the action. Listener Andy reviewed the JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors and loved them (LINK). At $150 a pair, they may just be the no-brainer recommendation for an office. Jared weighs in on Harmony’s new Smart Hub (LINK), Moanis is using his voice to help out the podcast, and Jason and Geoff have some recommendations for those looking for SVS products in Australia (LINK). Infinite Gary has a question about over-damping your room, Anand has questions about amps, Audyssey, and upgrading his sub, and Jon wants to know about IIR filters versus FIR filters. Leighton has a small room and needs some setup recommendations, Drew needs outdoor speaker recommendations, Steven is looking for a new receiver, and Eliezer tries to get us riled up with a blog post (LINK). Renny has a Chromecast question, Mark is curious about Marantz’s pre-outs, Lior wants to know why his Onkyo gets so hot sometimes, and Michael needs some banana plugs.

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