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AV Rant #373: Noise, Noise, and More Noise

March 20th, 2014 5 comments

We recorded a day late but still had a great turnout of people viewing on YouTube and Google+ as well as for the Google Hangout after. We generally record on Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern time and have a hangout after for all that want to attend. This week we catch up with two listeners from last week: Efrain (what is noise floor in amplifiers and what specifications should we look at) and Gary (subwoofer reviews and the “Q” of a sub). Comments from Gaylen, Brad, Alexandre, Gary, and Eliezer. Jonathan has a problem with WiDi (as does everyone else we learn) and Rob has some suggested fixes. Tom reviews the Chromecast and Rob reviews the Axiom ADA-1500 amplifier. Tom recommends checkout out the CMP-1 for mounting stuff to the back of your display.

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AV Rant #372: Playing Catch-up

March 14th, 2014 1 comment

That’s right, Rob and Tom are playing catch-up this week so we present you with two back-to-back podcasts. It’s better than a three-hour podcast, right? We tackle questions from Dave about what size/type/brand of TV to get for his rental in a non-optimal placement and speaker suggestions for the same. Isaac has a question about non-traditional speaker configurations. Efrain has the option of buying a new sub or a used amp – which do we think would make the biggest difference? Jay needs some help with subwoofer placement, Gary has an inquiry about subwoofer size vs. number, and Joel wants to know about subwoofer performance ratings. While we didn’t get to every question, we got pretty close.

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AV Rant #371: TuckerTues

March 14th, 2014 4 comments

George Tucker of the AVNation (and other) podcast joins Rob and Tom on this episode. He has a background in live shows, audio engineering, and custom installation. We are way behind on listener questions so we start with left-overs from last week. We answer Matt’s question about dual HDMI outputs, Gabe’s about binaural recordings and “Master Set” speaker setup procedure, and Michael’s about speaker driver material and what “small” vs. “medium” vs. “large” means in reference to room size. George talks about some of the big AV integration companies and why they aren’t reaching out to more mainstream customers and also what are the first steps in getting integration into your home theater from a DIY perspective. Look for a second podcast this week because we just have to catch-up.

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AV Rant #370: Two Hours

March 7th, 2014 6 comments

The name says it all. If you can stick around until the end, you’ll hear Rob’s review of the new Ascend Acoustics Sierra II bookshelf speakers. He talks about the ease of upgrading from the Sierra I speakers, the sonic characteristics, and whether he feels it is worth the money. We are still flush with topics but keep them coming – if we get backlogged enough, we’ll do a second podcast in a week to catch up (we probably should have done that already). This week we have questions from listeners Abby about speaker wire characteristics (inductance, gauge, etc.) and termination types, Nick about what types of speakers are best for surround sound, and Jason on the different color decoding methods. We also cover questions and comments from Steve, Eliezer, Joel, Mike, Jay, and Andrew on everything from subwoofers to soundbars.

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AV Rant #369: Karmic Ants

February 28th, 2014 6 comments

Our first official podcast without Liz. WE MISS YOU LIZ! The floodgates have opened and we, once again, have more questions that we can answer. This week we answer questions from Gary, Andrew, Bill, Kris, Joel, Gaylen, and Abby. We cover connecting a sub to a soundbar, how sound is placed in the soundstage by speakers, and why some prefer sealed versus ported subs. Is there a reason a some subs sound better than others (hint – it isn’t the sub)? We give some subwoofer and projector recommendations. When might a center channel be better than a matched (to the mains) center? We let you know. A few comments on tube amps, speaker wattage ratings, and ants. Lots of ants.

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