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AV Rant #378: Ars Estray

April 17th, 2014 6 comments

This week, we’ve got listener Kevin to thank for supporting the podcast. This week, we are truly international with questions from Canada, Mexico, and India. Rob and Tom tell us where they stand on movie memorabilia. Zach shares an infinite baffle subwoofer that may make Infinite Gary jealous. We get updates from Eliezer, Abby, and Michael. Rob makes some suggestions on HD audio websites. Rohan makes the classic post-buying blunder, but Tom and Rob put his mind at ease. Will’s got some questions about home automation, Paul’s BUD conversion is ongoing, and Ron wants to know how to compare speakers. David is interested in our take on Darbee while Kevin has a unique idea for a speaker arrangement and wants to know what we think. Everyone we missed this week will be covered next. Hold on folks, we’ll get to your questions as soon as we can.

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AV Rant #377: A Bit of Everything

April 9th, 2014 7 comments

That’s right, this week it is a little bit of everything. We’ve got questions from Adrian about Blu Music Discs and Michael about shopping for a record player. Eliezer has some advice about how to ship to Puerto Rico more cheaply. Gary wants to know about OLED screens and what all those new specs and colors mean. Shannon has a shopping list and we have some suggestions. How do you fix a torn woofer? We let you know. Anand has some problems with Audyssey. Brad and Alex are having problems as well. We try to troubleshoot as much as we can. Bill wants to know what a phase plug is and how it compares to a traditional dust cap.

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AV Rant #376: I Said Pluck

April 3rd, 2014 5 comments

This week’s podcast is chock full of questions again. Ashley is looking for a setup disc that does 3D, David wants to know how to get streaming services from other countries, and Jonathan has no love for vinyl. Efrain has an alternate to the SB-2000 that he wants our advice on, and we think you might be surprised what we say. Michael needs some advice on receivers with web controls or apps, he wants to know what the heck the THD spec is, and our thoughts on the Onkyo TX-MR636 receiver. Ian needs some speaker buying advice, Jay wants to know what the heck an HTPC is, and Abby is having a problem with her surrounds while Scott needs new ones. Keep those questions coming and special thanks to Efrain, Wilson, and Michael for their support.

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AV Rant #375: Can You Hear It?

March 28th, 2014 6 comments

We don’t have time for a second podcast this week because REASONS so this one is extra-long. Rob and Tom tackle big subs and how to order them, thin bezels, Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 speakers, DIY sub kits, digital amps, and bad HDMI boards. Rob made a mistake and owns up to it. Jonathan wants to know why manufacturers cut corners, Niclas and Richard want to talk about high-rez audio files and whether you can tell the difference, and Gary wants to talk about “Immersive Audio” and the new Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D audio formats.

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AV Rant #374: Suck Valley

March 21st, 2014 3 comments

Surprise podcast! Once again, we are behind in our questions so Rob and Tom need to catch up. This time, we get away (mostly) from subwoofers and talk about other AV related things. We’ve got Richard on 3D, high-end movie theaters, and Mapleshade, Paul on antennas, and Ashley on how to get your PS3 to output DTS for games. Gaylen wants to know which (satellite, cable, or fiber) provides the best picture quality, has a problem with his picture turning to static, and a question about subwoofers. Nicolas wants to know how big of a room he needs for two rows of seats and do we recommend bookshelf or tower speakers. Jay wants to know about crossover settings and Richard has a question about passive subwoofers. Lastly, Gary and Niclas want to talk about room correction. We dive in and tell you what it does, how it works, and what are the limitations.

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