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AV Rant #501: Dual Sub Calibration

September 1st, 2016

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Our Listeners of the Week are Jay, Charles, Jim, Karl, and Bruce for their donations, and Jason S. for letting SVS know his dual PC-2000 subwoofer purchase was partially because of AV Rant’s recommendation, and mostly because his wife said, “order two” when she saw the cylinders vs. the big boxy versions!

Entry for our AV Rant Podcast 500th Episode Celebration SVS 1000 Series Giveaway is open Sept. 01, 2016 for US and Canadian residents only. Best of luck to everyone who enters by submitting your email address and agreeing to receive the SVS Newsletter!

In the news, Infinite Gary sent us a statement from the Vice Chairman of Lionsgate declaring that DVD is still a “massive business”. Antoine noticed the HSU Research Labor Day Sale. PlayStation Plus subscription prices are going up starting Sept. 22. ZatzNotFunny.com uncovered Five new Roku models (some with HDR). And for a comprehensive Fall 2016 TV Preview, check out IGN.

Bill P. will most likely buy the KEF Q Series speakers we recommended. Wesley M and Michael I. inform us that their Denon Receivers have also installed the DTS:X firmware. Scott S. supports our opinion that modern Receivers fundamentally sound the same. And Scott, Ian, and Ara Derderian from the HT Guys provided links to more PLEX and NVidia Shield TV guides, including: SPMC Kodi + PLEX, a PLEX Client App comparison, and PLEX Server on the NVidia Shield TV.

Ted M. explains his on-wall speaker comparisons and is waiting to see if Ascend Acoustics expands beyond the Sierra Sat . Justin C. found a great deal on a Denon AVR-X4200W, so we discuss its capabilities and how low we think prices might go as the newer models arrive. Lior M. asks for official info on the upcoming Audyssey App, but the best we have are the European Denon and Marantz announcements. And Andrew N. wonders if adding one more subwoofer will basically let him pressurize his whole house.

Infinite Gary asks about the manual audio delay setting in his Lexicon Pre-Pro, and asks for our opinions on some Center speakers. Will T. wants some Movie Poster DIY Absorption Panels, and we name Rainy Lake Audio and SpoonFlower as places to get the prints done. We also provide a step-by-step guide on setting up dual subwoofers. And Jonathan F. found an article describing how to use three Receivers together to “Go Beyond 7.1.4 Atmos“, but Rob asks, why not add a fourth?

Justin B. asks if he can run Atmos and reassign his Surround Back outputs to Zone 2 at the same time. Kris I. wants to know about “black” projection screens, how to best orient bi-pole speakers on the ceiling for Atmos, and whether it’s worth aiming ceiling speakers. And Anthony B. asks if he should prioritize room treatments or subwoofers, whether dual SVS PB-2000 can pressurize his room or if he should spend a bit more on our recommended HSU VTF-3 Mk5 DualDrive Package, how to integrate his powered speakers after adding subs, how large a screen he should buy, and which roll-down acoustically transparent screens are best, so we suggest: Seymour AV, Elite Screen Saker Tab-Tension AcousticPro UHD, or EluneVision AudioWeave 4K Tab-Tensioned.

Michael R. asks why surround sound doesn’t work using Netflix on a web browser. Ryan M. doesn’t want a Vizio TV, so we suggest the Samsung J6200 Series. And Mike M. gets our thoughts on Shure’s in-ear monitor lineup.

Karl R. wants to know which Atmos Blu-ray Tom found at a Redbox. Bruce M. gets our thoughts on replacing his older Klipsch speakers, adding a false wall, and positioning his subwoofers. And Gaylen H. wonders if Tom and Rob are just talking off the tops of our heads, or if we actually do research!

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