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AV Rant #549: SVS Prime Elevation Review

FYI – the SVS Prime Elevation Speaker review is at the end of the podcast. Our Listeners of the Week are John, David, Teemu, and Earle for their donations, as well as Adam for sending positive feedback to Elite Screens that mentions our recommendation, Todd for telling RBH and GiK Acoustics that we sent him their way, and Marc for letting GiK Acoustics know that he bought some 242 panels because of us.

In the news, Karl R. alerted us to IMAX CEO Greg Foster’s announcements that IMAX will show fewer 3D versions of movies and shorten theatrical runs for converted movies while extending theatrical runs for movies shot with actual IMAX cameras. And you’ll want to check out this week’s AVRant Complete 2 Hour Video on YouTube to see Fred R.’s artwork of Tom and Rob as “Beacons of Rationality”.

Bill C. wants to adjust his video settings, but he doesn’t have a disc player in his system to use one of the Setup Discs, so we recommend using the AVS HD 709 Test Patterns on a USB stick, or the similar Lagom LCD Monitor Test Images in JPG form. David B. used our advice to achieve “AMAZING” results in his theater, so naturally, he wants to know what to upgrade next! We discuss his in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, dual subwoofers vs. a single, higher output model, increasing his Atmos configuration, and adding a projector and screen to his setup. And Justin B. bought an Onkyo DP-X1A Portable Audio Player, but he isn’t completely happy with its interface. We mention some other Music Player Apps for Android, including Phonograph Music Player. We also delve into why MQA doesn’t work with the Android Tidal App, how the Onkyo player handles DSD, and suggest checking Head-Fi and Inner Fidelity to find out if the 1More Triple Drive Earphones are the real deal.

Anonymous gets some more reassurance and suggestions regarding his blown planar tweeters, including: Mike B.’s reminder to double check how Audyssey MultEQ might have boosted the treble, using a little bit of dynamic range compression as a precaution, and reasoning out whether a power conditioner might have caused amplifier clipping. Nick B. has good equipment at home, but he finds movie theaters less fatiguing for long listening sessions. We discuss potential reasons why, and also go over how to calculate boundary reinforcement for corner-loaded subwoofers. And Bobby M. gets our recommendation for the Outdoor Speaker Depot MK650 in-ceiling speakers, some calculations for how many absorption panels he should buy, and our suggestion to use printed art panels, dyed art panels, or DIY art panels to add decoration and acoustic treatment to his room at the same time.

Todd J. prompts a rant about how much influence a single forum member can have…at least for a little while. Mitch R. asks about Audyssey microphone positioning and recliner seating. And Jack R.’s parents need improved sound for a TV in a wooden cabinet, so we suggest a Fluance AB40 SoundBase, Vizio SB2820n-E0 SoundBar, or M-Audio AV32 Self-Powered Monitors.

Aidan C.’s theater is hotter than the rest of his house, so we talk about why we think that might be, and what he’d need to do to cool the room down. Marc N. wants to know when GiK Acoustics’ Scatter Plates would be beneficial and worth the extra cost. And Karl R. has us double check his user menu settings on his Denon AVR-X7200WA to make sure video is being passed through untouched.

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  1. Craig
    August 4th, 2017 at 23:11 | #1

    Good hear another positive review of an SVS speaker as I purchased six SVS sattalites. I mounted four overhead and replaced two age old RadioShack surrounds. Now I’m looking purchase two subs and maybe my old a/d/s L710 mains. Any suggestions with a 2k is budget for the mains?

  2. lazboy74
    August 6th, 2017 at 19:49 | #2

    My wife and I sit in high back leather recliners about 3ft from a rear 9ft high wall. Which is contributing more to the degradation of the audio we get from our 3.1 setup (Sierra 2s)? We sit about 12 ft from the speakers. Should I consider some sound absorption panels for the rear wall?
    On the other hand we do have “old ears”
    Thank You

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