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AV Rant #517: Worst Buy

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Our Listeners of the Week are Andrew, Joshua, and Mark for their donations, as well as: Terry G., for telling Accessories4Less that his Marantz SR6011 purchase was because of our recommendation; Bob, for tweeting EMP Tek that we recommended their Impression Series speakers; David F., for letting MountDirect.com know we sent him their way; and Byron S., who mentioned AV Rant in his review of the SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers.

In the news, John M. gave us a heads up about Sony launching OLED TVs in 2017. Emotiva Airmotiv Series Subwoofers were added to their lineup not even a week after their BasX Series. HDMI LLC made a new HDMI 2.0b spec official, which adds HLG. And Nathan D., Infinite Gary, and Heath B. all pointed out that the Oppo UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player is now available.

Jeff G. dropped us a comment saying he’s sad to see his Denon AVR-X4000 Receiver go, but his new AVR-X4300H and 7.2.4 setup sounds awesome!

Ted M. asks about some of our favorite movies of 2016, and he discovered that hearing a whole extra octave of deep bass revealed some unevenness from seat to seat, so he wonders if there’s a fix. Mark O. asks about LG’s affordable HDR LCD TVs vs. Vizio, and we suggest it’s worth holding out for the Vizio M-Series. And Mike F. has a large, open theater area and doesn’t want to bother his family while they’re sleeping, so he asks about nearfield subwoofer placement and eventual dual subwoofer options and positions.

Troy T. wasn’t satisfied with his bass after running Audyssey MultEQ and wants to know why it doesn’t offer greater control. Infinite Gary asks about the current top performing $10,000 projectors, so we discuss the JVC DLA-X950R, Epson LS10500, and Sony VPL-VW365ES. We also talk about sealed vs. ported Center speakers. And Jack R. wants us to explain what we think about Paradigm speakers in general, and how they compare to the sound of other speakers.

David F. wants to know more about tilting a projector, which leads to a discussion about keystoning and keystone correction. He also asks about DIY absorption panel placement. Heath B. reached out to GiK Acoustics for room advice, and we end up disagreeing with what they said regarding subwoofer placement. And Jonathan F. wants a sure-fire way to improve the slap echoes caused by his vaulted ceiling, so we suggest flattening it with either a drop tile ceiling or Auralex Sustain Diffusors.

John W. wants our recommendations for power protection. Our go-to brand is APC, so we mention their APC P8V Surge Protector, APC Back-UPS Battery Backup, APC H-Type Power Conditioner, and APC J25B and J35B AV Battery Backup units. Sam P. was warned away from buying an LG OLED TV and told to buy a Sony LCD instead by a Best Buy “expert”. We weigh in on the reasons given. And Brian “brain” A. has a new plan for his great room after talking with his builder and vendor. We recommend KEF in-wall speakers, GoldenEar on-wall speakers, SnapAV speakers, and a cylinder sub for his consideration.

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