AV Rant #459: HDMI CEC is Evil

November 22nd, 2015 No comments

This week we thank Ariel and Jonathan for their donations, Ken for sending Tom a new PreSonus audio interface, Ilango for his heartfelt letter concerning Rob’s family’s recent issues and Scott for prominently mentioning AVRant in his Theater Spotlight on Electronic House. You are our listeners of the week! In the news Tom tried out the Mimi Hearing Test App (Link), Sony will stop producing Betamax tapes in 2016 (Link), SpectraCal adds HDR-10 test patterns to CalMAN (Link), Fox announces UHD Blu-rays (Link) and USC has a wax cylinder recording archive (Link). Monty needs advice on a Monster surge protector and buying a used projector and wonders what “home entertainment class” means, Bill wants opinions on the Klipsch Icon Series speakers and how to deal with a subwoofer that’s too heavy to move, Jim wonders why Vizio makes both a 49in and 50in TV, Joshua has fun with HDMI CEC,  Timothy’s subwoofers are too quiet, Ash doubts audio improvements caused by IsoAcoustics speaker stands and fights with Marantz remote codes, John asks about Foamular insulation, Ariel wants Atmos speakers on a vaulted ceiling, Jason has audio dropout on his Oppo, Edward wonders if a projector can be too bright, Zach worries about speaker impedance, Steven needs to get rid of Soap Opera Effect, Jonathan’s Denon goes into protection mode, Gary hates the iPad Pro and gives us 50,000 dollars (hypothetically) to spend on speakers.

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AV Rant #458: Don’t Flick That Switch

November 11th, 2015 No comments

This week we thank Andrew and Michael for their donations. You are our listeners of the week! In the news, Rob was on the Entertainment 2.0 Podcast (LINK), foam lightsabers that glow (LINK), Sennheiser Orpheus headphones (LINK), and Martin Logan releases Atmos modules (LINK). Kris bought the Shure SE215 in-ear monitors on our suggestion and loves them, Bruno wants recommendations on a SVS sub (LINK) and our thoughts on the BenQ W1080ST projector, and Kevin has a problem with his room (LINK for room mode calculator). Brett is looking for seven speakers and found a deal on the Infinity Reference Series and wants to know if he should go for it (LINK), Barney is curious about the notion of “demonstration quality” tracks, and Jerry wants to know how he should set the HDMI video output settings on his new Apple TV. He also copied the settings for his Vizio from this website and it doesn’t seem right. How can he fix it (LINK)? Diego wants an OTA (over the air) tuner and antenna for his projector. Is the Tivo Roamio OTA the best option (yes) or are their other options (also yes – Xbox One, Channel Master, and antennas from Mohu). Jonathan is curious about how Audyssey set the levels of his speakers,  Brandon is wondering if the SVS Prime Satellite speakers will be enough for his room (other options Outlaw Audio Ultra sub, Ascend Acoustics HTM200, and NHT SuperZero 2.1) and Karl is curious if the immersive audio format from Imax is still a thing (it is LINK) and why Tom can’t have Atmos speakers. Kyle is looking for a rack mountable power conditioner (the Furman M-8X2 that he found is probably the best option though APC does have options), Dipan needs help with his screen size and projector placement and Infinite Gary wonders why, in Audioholics’ review of the Yamaha A-S801, Gene said not to use the 4 ohm switch. Martin is worried about the light output of the projectors he’s thinking of buying, Mahidhar is having problems with Plex changing video output on the fly, Brian wants to build some DIY corner traps (LINK, LINK, and LINK), and Andrew wants to know what to do with his pre-wired speaker locations.

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AV Rant #457: Sorting Weird Rooms

November 4th, 2015 No comments

This week we thank Scott for his donation, Jefferson and Kevin for purchasing because of us, Ash for the updated logos and sticker designs, and Pieter (and others) for offers of help with our Patreon video. Thanks guys! In the news – Steinway Lyngdorf has a new processor (P200), Rob finds a deal on the new Harmony Elite remotes (LINK), and JRiver takes over for Windows Media (LINK). We get updates from Ash about his room, from Nathan about his Emotiva XDA-2 Gen2 purchase, a link to a biaural recording from CoffeeManDave (LINK), Barney finds a video about 4K (LINK), Karl adds to our list of other podcasts (listed at the bottom), and Kyle still can’t fix his AVR-X5200W. Anthonio isn’t loving his subs for music and is thinking of upgrading his mains, Jonathan wonders why anyone would buy a CD player and is curious of our thoughts on a home cinema guru article (LINK), and Tim has found conflicting evidence on how to calibrate dual subs. Adriano is designing his home theater and has lots of questions (LINK to the GoldenEar Invisa HTR 7000 directional in-ceiling speakers), Michael’s remote died and wonders what to replace it with, and Brandon wonders if it is better to have a large sub and bookshelf speakers or a small sub and tower speakers. Infinite Gary has questions about Atmos, David is upgrading to Atmos and wonders when we think it might fail, and Ken wonders which room correction system we think is best (and Rob can’t pick any on the list). Martin really wants a pre/pro over a receiver and tells us why, Greg is backing up all his Blu-rays in MKV and has some questions, Steve got a deal on a Denon AVR-1912 that now doesn’t work, and lastly Kris is looking for headphones to fit under a hat (Shure SE215, RHA MA-750, and Om Audio Inearpeace (on sale for $55 no less!).  Read more…

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An Open Letter to VIDITY

October 28th, 2015 No comments

I love the idea and the goals of VIDITY. With large hard drives being affordable, I see no reason why physical media should remain the only means of getting the highest quality.

But for the love of all that is good, can you PLEASE encourage the studios to also give consumers the highest quality AUDIO as well?

I’ve groused about this topic on Twitter. And the @VIDITYdigital account was kind enough to reply to me there and let me know that, as far as what Vidity is able to offer from a technical point of view, there is nothing preventing the inclusion of lossless, immersive (eg. Dolby Atmos or DTS:X Master) audio. And yet, the earliest examples of Vidity content have all failed to include lossless audio, let alone immersive audio. Read more…

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AV Rant #456: Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Review

October 27th, 2015 No comments

This week we thank Tim, Pieter, Joseph, and Troy for their donations and Jefferson and Scott for supporting the podcast. Tom reviews the Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 and, overall, he likes it! In the news, Monoprice releases their Premium Audio line (Tom is getting some tubes to review) and Rob finds out (via listener Greg) that Plex is going to get 4k (LINK). We get some comments from Jackson, Darin Fong, and Ronn. Ash is looking for a fix for his acoustical problems (LINK to GiK) and he needs a way to use both his integrated amp and surround processor at the same time, Troy is wondering if he should reorient his home theater, and Infinite Gary has a question about Atmos mixes and wonders if making a speaker in-house makes it better. Steve is looking for soundbars to sell to his customers (Revel, GoldenEar, KEF, Paradigm), John is thinking of upgrading his amp, and Karl is looking for lists of DTS:X releases (LINK, LINK, LINK, LINK, and LINK), needs a new screen (LINK, LINK, and LINK), wants our opinions on “An Open Letter to Apple’s Tim Cook Regarding HD Music” (LINK), and wants to know what other Home Theater podcasts we (Rob) listen to?

Jim is having a problem when shifting from 2D to 3D (LINK), Diego wants headphones for his dad (Senneiser Wireless, Oppo, PSB, Sony, Audio Technica, and Sennheiser Open Back Option 1 and Option 2), and Kyle got ripped off by a Canadian and needs our help. David is wonder if Chane speakers are any good (LINK), Pieter is curious about drapes and HDR projectors, and Bobby is confused by UPS’s for his projector (APC LINK and LINK). Bill the Stumper is now on the market for a new streaming box (Nvidia), while Kevin is wondering why he can’t use “A” weighting when level matching subs.

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